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Project Overview

Sitting on the borders of Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico is a ranch that has existed off-grid for many decades. Property ownership were early movers in the solar electric space and had multiple aging power systems and generators that supplied power to different parts of the property. NewGrid designed, engineered, and built the solar and containerized power system that drives the entire property from a single location.

Power30kW of SolarBattery250kWh of C&D VRLA BatteriesInverters42kW of Schneider InvertersGeneratorDual 50kW Diesel GeneratorsGrid77/480V three phase gridShare

Project Details

The ownership of this ranch has been passed down through many generations within the same family. Enveloped by the Peloncillo Mountains on all sides and featuring a perennial river coursing through its expanse, the absence of utility power and water was a historical reality. Originally devoid of electrical infrastructure for decades, the ranch shifted to relying solely on generators in the 1970s. Demonstrating early commitment to environmental causes, the property owners were early pioneers in the integration of some of the initial commercially available solar electric components in the 1980s. As the property expanded and electrical demands surged, the original off-grid solar power system was periodically expanded and improved. The culmination of these modifications to the original infrastructure took place in the early 2000s, resulting in two distinct yet undersized power systems servicing different sections of the now vast outbuildings that required excessive generator support

In 2016, NewGrid initiated collaboration with the ranch ownership, offering support for the existing systems while concurrently pursuing a contemporary design featuring a consolidated power plant capable of servicing the entire property. NewGrid conceived a unified power system housed within two repurposed shipping containers, providing support for the entire ranch with minimal need for a generator. Additionally, we integrated 30kW of new solar panels and undertook substantial remodeling of the pre-existing infrastructure. Commissioned in 2019, this consolidated power system has been instrumental in fueling further property development, including the addition of a pool and spa and other amenities of the ranch that seemed impossible a generation ago.