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Custom Solar Solutions vs. Off-the-Shelf Kits

When it comes to providing power for your off-grid project, the allure of pre-packaged kits or solar trailers might seem tempting. They’re priced low and give an impression that setting up power in a remote location is simple and doesn’t require a tailored solution. NewGrid’s thirty-five years of experience designing and building remote power and water solutions tells a different story.

  1. Why Custom Solutions Outshine Off-the-Shelf Kits
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Every property has unique energy requirements. Professional teams like NewGrid design systems that cater to these specific needs, ensuring optimal functionality.
  • Quality and Reliability: Pre-packaged kits may compromise on quality and capacity. Custom solutions prioritize long-lasting, reliable components that fit your lifestyle.
  • Expertise and Support: Off-grid solar isn’t just about installation. It’s about ongoing support and maintenance, which only a dedicated team can provide effectively.
  • Posturing for Growth: Designing and engineering off-grid power systems is about providing the ability for the power system to expand. Nearly every property sees growth of electrical consumption over time. It’s critical to plan for growth!
  • Cost-Effectiveness in the Long Run: While off-the-shelf solutions may appear cheaper initially, the long-term effectiveness and reliability of custom solutions is far better. Approximately 20% of NewGrid’s book of business is picking up the pieces after a failed experiment with a kit or unqualified off-grid contractor. 

Solar Trailers: A Cautionary Tale

It’s common to see “solar trailers” for sale online that are touted as “off-grid solutions” that can provide reliable power to remote locations and even entire properties. The truth is quite the opposite. The overwhelming majority of solar-trailers on the market were bought at bankruptcy auction over 5 years after the manufacturer went bankrupt. The equipment and batteries have sat unused and typically are in very poor condition. NewGrid evaluates between 5 and 10 of these trailers per year that were purchased by unsuspecting consumers. Here’s what we see when we take a deep dive into the trailers:

  • The lead-acid battery bank is beyond repair and needs replacement
  • The power processing equipment is dated and highly complicated for end-users to navigate
  • The amount of solar panels on the trailer is insufficient for the energy requirements of the site/property.
  • If permanent off-grid power is desired at the property/location, the trailer must be stripped and the usable components put back into service with a custom-designed solution tailored to the property’s needs.
  • In 5 years evaluating solar trailers, NewGrid has not observed a trailer that was in good condition and appropriate to serve a remote location’s specific power requirements.
  1. The NewGrid Advantage

NewGrid’s approach to off-grid solar for container homes is clear: avoid the one-size-fits-all trap. Their expertise in designing systems that align with the unique characteristics of each property ensures that your off-grid dream doesn’t turn into a power nightmare.

Powering Your Dreams the Right Way

Your off-grid project deserves a solar system as unique as your vision. So, when planning your off-grid journey, remember the wisdom from NewGrid’s experiences: skip the generic kits and trailers. Opt for a customized solar solution that truly powers your lifestyle, sustainably and reliably.

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