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Project Overview

Only 70 miles from Phoenix is Crown King, a mile-high mountain village that lacks robust grid power infrastructure. High on the peaks above the town sits an off-grid bug out house that supports property ownership and a full-time staff. Plans for the property include expansion to accommodate up to 40 persons with food grown and harvested at the property greenhouses. NewGrid designed, engineered, and built the power system.

Power22kW of SolarBattery133kWh Discover AES Lithium Ion batteryInverters21kW of Schneider invertersGenerator25kW Propane GeneratorGrid120/240V split phase gridShare

Project Details

Perched atop an exposed mountaintop at an elevation of 1000 ft above Crown King in the Bradshaw Mountains north of Phoenix, this sprawling 50-acre site offers panoramic views from Flagstaff to Phoenix. The property, which includes an old gold mine and a challenging access road, caught the attention of NewGrid in 2019 when the ownership sought upgrades to the existing Off-Grid power system. Following a hiatus, a frantic call in 2020 revealed a Grid-Connected solar contractor from Phoenix had withdrawn after winning the bid sight unseen. This incident highlighted the stark contrast between Off-Grid and Grid-Connected solar trades, emphasizing that expertise in one does not translate seamlessly to the other.

NewGrid’s involvement began with a comprehensive understanding of ownership’s development plans, focusing initially on powering the main and guest houses. The medium-term vision encompassed a lodge, bunkhouse, and additional outbuildings, while the long-term plan included revitalizing the mine site with cabins and mining equipment. As part of the electrical engineering plan, a grid was strategically integrated, utilizing transformers, higher voltages, and three-phase power. The 10-year build cycle, currently in its third year, saw phase one completed in 2021, with Phase II underway and Phase III in the planning stages. The main lodge, which supports 10 guests, is fully supported by the power system without need for a generator. NewGrid’s monthly service contract ensures regular communication on the power system’s performance, with semi-annual meetings aligning electrical system growth with evolving property development plans, ensuring seamless connectivity to new structures as they are completed.

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