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Project Overview

This property sits on 160 acres of privately deeded land in the southwestern US, where property ownership has turned the area into a permanent residence complete with a full motocross track and cattle ranching. NewGrid designed and engineered the power system and built the container out in our construction headquarters before installing at the site.

DateAugust, 2019Power25kW of SolarBattery100kW Discover AES Lithium Ion batteryInverters42kW of Schneider invertersGeneratorDual 50kW propane generatorsGrid277/480V three phase gridShare

Project Details

The proprietor of this 160-acre expanse sought to establish a secluded, year-round permanent dwelling, complete with an array of recreational amenities at his disposal: multiple private residences for hosting, a motocross track, and water sourced from on-site wells, all situated miles away from the closest neighbors. Faced with exorbitant costs and a two-year wait from the utility company to connect to the grid, the landowner reached out to NewGrid in mid-2019 to bring his vision to life.

Executing meticulous plans for scalability, NewGrid implemented the first phase of the off-grid power system in December 2019. Subsequent upgrades to batteries, solar panels, and power processing occurred in various stages from 2020 to 2022 to accommodate growth at the property. Embracing the allure of off-grid living, the landowner even initiated a small farming venture specializing in grass-fed beef in an effort to further his quest for self-sustained living. The current power infrastructure supports both ranching operations and the year-round residence of the owner, leaving ample capacity for envisioned future expansions.

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