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Project Overview

NewGrid designed and built a custom off-grid system for a customer with a remote agricultural operation. This power system pumps and distributes water to his crops without need for traditional utility, water, or a backup generator.

Power5kW of SolarBattery20kWh of Deka Duration Lithium Ion BatteryInverters6.8kW of Schneider InverterGrid120/240V split phase gridShare

Project Details

Nestled in the outskirts of Payson, Arizona, this secluded property functions as a small agricultural venture for its proprietor. Equipped with existing utility connections for water and electricity, the owner sought heightened resilience against potential service disruptions.

In response, NewGrid was enlisted to engineer a modest yet robust power system dedicated to energizing both the well and irrigation pumps on the premises. Implemented in 2021, this system has sustained operations without the reliance on a backup generator. It proved instrumental when a tornado wreaked havoc on local utility lines in 2023, safeguarding the crops. Impressed by the performance, the property owner has now extended collaboration with NewGrid to transition the entirety of the estate into an off-grid haven, reflecting both a commitment to sustainability and satisfaction with the exceptional results achieved.

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