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Project Overview

NewGrid undertook the task of dismantling the solar trailer components for a customer, transitioning them to a permanent equipment room. Nestled in an off-grid enclave between Phoenix and Payson, these repurposed system components now breathe new life into an expansive off-grid residence, ensuring a reliable and sustainable power source for the property.

Power8kW of SolarBattery60kWh of Industrial Flooded Lead AcidInverters12kW of Sunny Island InverterGenerator12kW Propane GeneratorGrid120/240V split phase gridShare

Project Details

Since their debut on the market, off-grid solar trailers  have been touted as “complete power systems” for end users. However, the reality often falls short, lacking the solar capacity and functional battery bank required to sustain a property. In 2020, one of our customers learned this first hand after investing in such a trailer with hopes of it serving as a permanent power solution for their residence—a hope that went unfulfilled. Faced with having to make another substantial investment, the customer sought to salvage usable components from the trailer to support a permanent power solution.

Enter NewGrid, which devised and implemented a permanent power system infrastructure featuring a new equipment shelter, battery bank, and solar array. Many components were repurposed from the solar trailer, and since January 2021, the property has operated off-grid with minimal generator use  This case underscores the wisdom we attempt to impart on our customers: stay clear of solar trailers and kits in the off-grid realm, there’s no “one size fits all” solution in this world.